Periodenunterwäsche für Teenager

Period underwear for teenagers

Be prepared: The average age for the first period is currently around 12 - 13 years (although it can be earlier or later). It doesn't matter when: girls can wear period underwear even before the first menstrual period - and thus feel completely safe when things are going well.
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As the body begins to change and hormones kick in, young girls face a very special change - their first menstrual cycle .

The onset of menstruation, also known as menarche, marks the transition from childhood to adolescence and signals the onset of fertility .

The first menses is a milestone that comes with a lot of mixed feelings. No wonder - you are confronted with new challenges that have to be overcome both physically and emotionally.

Physically, young girls are faced with the task of adapting their personal care and hygiene.

Handling menstrual products for the first time requires practice and understanding. Often one is now confronted with the question, which product actually suits me best?!

It's time to discuss this important topic more openly and to help teenagers feel empowered, confident and informed as they embark on their journey into the world of menstruation.


The first menses can be overwhelming for young people.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating - try all kinds of products, this is the only way to find out what suits you.

Don't be ashamed of bleeding - menstruation isn't a bad thing and for most people it's tolerable.

Our menstrual starter set.

Period panties as a sustainable alternative to panty liners, pads and tampons .

Table of contents

1. Menstruation

When a girl first menstruates, a complex biological process takes place in her body. This process is called menarche and marks the beginning of menstrual cycles, which occur repeatedly throughout the reproductive years.

Menstruation is triggered by hormonal changes in the body .

During puberty, the ovaries begin to produce the hormone estrogen. Estrogen stimulates the growth of the uterine lining, which builds up during the menstrual cycle and is shed when fertilization has not occurred.

The menstrual cycle consists of different phases . First, the maturation and release of an egg from the ovaries occurs, known as ovulation. At the same time, the uterine lining thickens to prepare for a possible pregnancy. If the egg is not fertilized, menstruation occurs.

During menstruation, the shed lining of the uterus is excreted along with blood from the small blood vessels of the uterus. This process can take between three and seven days and then repeats itself every 28 days on average. However, it is important to note that the menstrual cycle can vary from girl to girl. In the first few years after menarche, the menstrual cycle can be irregular and gradually stabilize.

Aside from bleeding, girls may notice other physical changes during their period. Some may experience abdominal cramps, back pain, breast tenderness, or headaches. These symptoms are due to hormonal fluctuations and the influence of the prostaglandins released during menstruation.

BUT - menstruation is a natural and healthy process that is part of the female body.

The first menstrual period can be emotionally and physically challenging because all the physical sensations are new and you have to get used to using menstrual products - but celebrate yourself and your body for what you are doing.

2. The benefits of period underwear

Our WhatsApp period hotline receives more than 100 messages a day from girls & teens like "I can't handle inserting my first tampon" or "Does that hurt?" .

The first period and the days after can be overwhelming - but we've got you covered!
With the entry-level product for teenagers: period underwear!

Period underwear not only looks like normal panties, but is also worn in the same way: slip it on and you're done. No complicated insertion required.

What else can period panties for teens do?

  • Stay dry and secure even in the event of unexpected bleeding
  • Can replace tampons
  • Modern cut and look
    can be combined with tampons or pads
  • Durable (just wash at 40/60 degrees and reuse)

3. Find the right size

Unsure which teen size is right? We tested the Period Panty with our youngest customers! Our sizes for teens, girls & teenagers.

4. Stay Dry Layer Technology: Wearing comfort & secure feeling

New to the period game? Adolescents may experience unexpected bleeding & irregular bleeding .

The Stay Dry Layer technology of the Period Panty by The Female Company, developed by experts, is highly absorbent and gives you a secure feeling!

Two highly absorbent absorbent layers ensure that the menstrual flow is absorbed quickly and without odor formation.

The technology is sewn in thinly so that it is not noticeable and still provides full security.

Did you know : Discharge is also responsible for the light spots in your underwear. You can find out what this is all about here .

5. Benefits for teenagers

Period underwear can not only replace classic period disposable products, the period panties also ensure comfort and reliable leakage protection in the event of a discharge. Teenage menstrual underwear has a flat, integrated absorbent layer and therefore looks like conventional underwear. In addition, the briefs can be easily washed and reused.

But it's not just the look and sustainability that makes teen hearts beat faster: Above all, the ease of use (just put it on and you're done) is really well received.

Advantages of period panties for teenagers:

  1. No surprises ! 🩸
    The Period Panty protects against unannounced visits! Especially if the cycle is still irregular at or before the first period. The panties are super comfortable, like normal underwear. That's why you can also wear them outside of bleeding if you have an irregular cycle (so that nothing goes wrong).
  2. Nobody wants notice 🔎
    Due to the inconspicuous design, menstrual underwear is almost indistinguishable from normal panties. Also great if you're afraid that a tampon thread or pad could flash out! 😳
  3. Do something good ! 🌱

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