Zwischenblutung trotz Pille? Das sind die Gründe!

Intermenstrual bleeding despite the pill? These are the reasons!

You take the pill and still have to deal with strange bleeding in between? It is most likely so-called spotting and we know more...
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Bleeding between periods despite the pill – has it ever caught you? Anyone who has opted for the pill believes one thing above all: it is a reliable period number. Bleeding at the push of a button and just rest between days. think.

BÄHM - starts a nasty bleeding between periods!
Why is that? We'll explain it to you in detail.

Watch out, here comes the information on pill-related bleeding between periods .


As a rule, in the case of intermenstrual bleeding, there is no reason to worry!

Sometimes, ovulation can be followed by intermenstrual bleeding.

If you feel weird or uncomfortable in any way, make an appointment with your gyn to be absolutely sure.

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Table of contents

1. Intermenstrual bleeding - Why?

So what's behind it? You started taking the pill and you're about to have a nasty bleeding between periods... totally shitty.

But often DA is the trigger. Because if you haven't been on the pill for that long, your body first has to get used to the hormonal change .

Reason to worry? Usually no.
In particular, the so-called "mini-pill" (with a particularly low dose of hormones) can trigger this type of bleeding. In most cases, however, your body will get used to the change within four months .

Wondering how to spot bleeding between periods? Very easy. Intermenstrual bleeding is often also called spotting . The name comes from the fact that the discharge has a brownish color . In addition, prolonged bleeding can also occur in the event of an intermenstrual bleeding.

If the bleeding lasts a particularly long time despite the pill and you also have a bad feeling – trust your body. Make an appointment with your gynecologist and get examined. Better safe than sorry .

2. Trigger for the bleeding between periods

In addition to the hormonal change, your ovulation in the middle of the cycle can also be the reason for ovulation bleeding.

Are you also one of the ladies among us who can feel their ovulation? Respect. A slight tugging in the abdomen or groin usually announces ovulation, followed by light spotting .

The cause: After ovulation, the estrogen level can drop slightly, which triggers what is known as hormone withdrawal bleeding .

The otherwise most common reasons for bleeding between periods include:

  1. Intake errors: One of the most common reasons for bleeding between periods despite taking the pill is ingestion errors. If the pill is not taken correctly, for example by forgetting a pill or taking it at a different time, this can lead to a hormonal imbalance. This in turn can lead to intermenstrual bleeding.
  2. New pill: Switching to another pill or taking a pill for the first time can lead to bleeding between periods. The body may need time to adjust to the new hormones. In the first few months of taking a new pill, you may have bleeding between periods, which usually goes away on its own after a while.
  3. Hormonal fluctuations: The female body is complex and hormonal fluctuations can lead to bleeding between periods. These fluctuations can be triggered by stress, emotional strain or other factors. The pill itself contains hormones that can affect the natural hormonal balance. In some cases, this can lead to bleeding between periods.
  4. Infections or diseases: Sometimes infections or diseases in the reproductive system can cause bleeding between periods. Sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia or gonorrhea can cause inflammation and bleeding. Diseases such as endometriosis or uterine polyps can also cause intermenstrual bleeding.
  5. Hormonal intolerance: Some people may not respond well to certain hormones in the pill. In rare cases, hormonal intolerance can lead to bleeding between periods. If bleeding between periods occurs regularly and is heavy, a doctor should be consulted to check the tolerance of the pill.

3. How to: stop bleeding between periods?

And what if you just want it to stop running down there? If you want to stop bleeding between periods , you have the following options:

  1. Don't take a break from taking the pill: If it gets too much for you, you can simply take the pill. In any case, you should discuss this with your doctor.
  2. Exercise, exercise, exercise: Exercise can make the bleeding go away faster.
  3. Yarrow: In fact, yarrow can also stop your bleeding. By the way, it is available as a tea or in tablet form.

Either way – in most cases, bleeding between periods is completely harmless despite the pill. But it can still be annoying. All the better that you can take the perfect precautions with our organic panty liners. How? Simply order our easypeasy flexible monthly subscription and benefit from our period products made from certified cotton - when you want and as often as you want.

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