How to: Masturbieren für Klitoris Besitzer*innen

How to: Masturbate for clitoris owners

Ever come clitoral? Clitoral orgasms are the surest route to a woman's heart.. fun! But knowing how to do it can't hurt any of us. Read everything here.
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Congratulations, you have a clitoris!? Then you're really lucky, because you can do so many things with her!

If you know your own well, you can achieve heights that non-owners can unfortunately only dream of.


The clitoris is responsible for orgasms.

With over 8000 nerve endings that come together here, it is a real emotional bomb.

The clitoris does not age! A 90-year-old clitoris is just as sensitive as a 20-year-old one.

Table of contents

1. The problem with the clitoris

Unfortunately, for centuries our world has been shaped by a very fearful and bitter patriarchy . This patriarchy feels threatened by such flights of fancy, rather than rejoicing that we live in a world where so much enjoyment is possible. Fortunately, today there are more and more non-clitoral owners who enjoy watching a clitoris explode with pleasure.
The reason I have to start by telling you a little about the scared patriarchy is that this is why “mainstream” porn sucks so much and so many clits and non-clits owners have no idea how such a gift is to be honored and celebrated.
But not for long! There is a lot more to the internet than aggressive and degrading porn. There are super awesome websites that help get in the mood without a person having to question their code of ethics and go wash up afterwards. That finally brings us to point one of the guide:

2. Get in the mood

The right atmosphere is very important for seducing the clitoris. Although she is a real emotional bomb with her 8000 nerves , that is perhaps why she expects a little more attention than other erogenous parts of the body.
It's definitely worth taking the time to court the clitoris and develop a strong relationship with her, because it will last a lifetime!

So back to point 1: mood is important. In order to encourage the clitoris to play along, the environment and the inner workings of the owner must be adjusted to pleasure. A variety of things can help with this.

Never forget: Just like every clitoris, every clitoris owner is unique! So it has to be tried out a bit before the most effective remedy is found. Of course, we're not static beings either, so different stimuli can work better or worse on different days. Always stay in the flow - then the secrets of happiness will flow too!

Try and practice are the keywords par excellence for successful masturbation as a clitoris owner. But don't worry, you don't have to start from scratch.

Here are a few suggestions that will hopefully help get you and your clitoris in the mood:

Visual stimulation:
One of the easiest stimulations and therefore to be enjoyed in small doses: porn is a bit like fast food for the brain. You and your imagination don't have to exert yourself for long, because it will be served to you hot. That's nice, but over time you get lazy and soon don't know how to get an appetite and pleasurable satisfaction any other way. That's why men (90% of porn consumers are male) have to watch more and more badass porn. But surely nobody says anything against a cheat day. A really good site to find female and queer positive websites:

Mood lighting:
Strings of lights or candles (that are safe and far enough away that you don't accidentally knock them over - we just want you to burn with pleasure, not your whole booth). A well-placed mirror sometimes works better than a porn - you're hot, use it!

Auditory stimulation:
Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld
"BOB" by Macy Gray
"I Touch Myself" by Divinyls
"Feeling Myself" by Nicki Minaj & Beyonce
"Haircut" by The Waifs
Con mis manos by Bebe
Or as already mentioned by us in other articles and recommended by the editors: sexy audio porn from
Or just listen to sounds made during sex or masturbation:

Tactile stimulation:
Silk (bed linen, negligee, cloth)
Feathers, leather, latex (and much more - depending on taste)
Thongs and lace bras
Anything you like/feels good about

Olfactory stimulation:
Do you like the smell of roses? Or does the sweet smell of a vanilla bean turn you on? Try it!

Mental stimulation:
Sexy Books or Comics (Small Favors by Colleen Coover, Saga by Brian K. Vaughn, Wonder Woman Earth One by Grant Morrison, Yes, Roya by C. Spike Trotman, the Cute Girl Network by Greg Means and MK Reed, Crossplay by Niki Smith , to mention a few…).
Or simply play scenarios of your choice in the head cinema

Emotional stimulation:
For some, just thinking about their partner or a crush helps set the mood. Don't let shame or improper decency come between you and your orgasm.

3. Do it by hand

A 2015 US study asked over 1,000 women between the ages of 18-95 how they climax alone. Although each person has a unique system, there is still a lot of overlap. These were kindly summarized and explained in detail for us:

A brief overview of the content:
Rhythm is key! Whether it's circling, tapping, or drawing diagonals across and around the clitoris, a consistent rhythm is what brings you to orgasm. Patience is very important here and will be rewarded with explosive climaxes.
This website describes many methods, but what they all have in common is that the focus is on the clitoris. Penetration, i.e. inserting fingers or other things, does not occur. As most clitoris owners just know, focusing on the clitoris while masturbating is far nicer, and often just plain more rewarding.

4.Sex toys

When things have to be quick or we just want to be lazy, sex toys are great. Before you buy, always check that the material is good. Especially with cheaper products that are purchased online, you should look at the material .

I find vibrators and other self-stimulators best when they can be used in multiple ways. Of course, the question also arises as to whether the toy should only be used externally or also internally - the size should of course be right, especially if it is to be used internally. Better too small than too big is the motto here!

A few suggestions -

Handy and easy to store: a bullet vibrator. This is specially designed for clitoral stimulation. Of course, there are many different ones here too. The Zany Pocket Toyfriend Mini vibrator for example. Or for on the go: a lipstick vibrator!
In general, for optimal clitoral stimulation, look for a "lay-on vibrator." They are specially made for this.
Those who prefer holding something bigger could try the Satisfyer Pro. It has a sharper and a flatter side. This allows you to stimulate your clitoris in exactly the way that suits you best.
Or you want to rummage in other directions, then maybe a spring crop would be something for you. It is also great for BDSM beginners. You could browse online here:
As you can see, there are many great things to explore! All that remains now is find time, make yourself comfortable and get started!

What is the clitoris

The clitoris is an important organ of female sexuality and plays a crucial role in sexual pleasure and health. There are different ways to stimulate the clitoris, whether it's through direct touch, indirect stimulation through friction, or through oral, manual, or vibrator-based sex.

How to stimulate the clitoris?

A distinction is made between visual stimulation, auditory stimulation, tactile stimulation, olfactory stimulation, mental stimulation and emotional stimulation.

How do I know what I like?

Try! You never know what turns you on unless you test what interests you. Find a safe space, close the door and try out what makes you hot.

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