Periodenunterwäsche bei starker Blutung: Heavybleeder*innen aufgepasst!

Period underwear for heavy bleeding: Attention heavy bleeders!

Are you one of those who have such heavy bleeding that you are afraid of leaking even if you change it regularly? So you think period panties are out of the question for you? Fallacy - read on here.
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Running to the toilet in a panic in the morning and hoping it's not too late? Do you need more than 8 pads or tampons on average and have to change them every 1-2 hours? Do you quickly feel weak, tired or listless? If this sounds familiar, your bleeding is probably heavier than "normal." But no worries – your period sisters are here to give you the best tips and tricks.


A woman has to change her pad or tampon around 14,000 times in her lifetime .

Very heavy bleeding is also called " hypermenorrhea ".

There are period panties especially for those who bleed heavily.

Do you already know: Our underwear for heavy bleeders?

Our Extra Strong are available in different colors and styles, so there is something for everyone.

Table of contents

1. Heavy bleeding

Many menstruating women suffer from discomfort during their periods such as pain, cramps, irregular or very heavy bleeding . One indicator of whether you are a heavy menstruator is if you need to change a tampon or pad more than every few hours. Menstrual pain is in itself annoying and sometimes difficult to endure, but when menstruation interferes with everyday life and blood loss weakens the body , it is definitely a heavy menstrual period.

About 10 out of 100 women have heavy menstrual bleeding (hypermenorrhea). Partly combined with the phenomenon of menorrhagia - Prolonged bleeding from 5 to 7 days. Both often occur together, since the cause is often the same.

The most common causes include adhesions to the uterus, as well as inflammation of the uterus or fallopian tubes. Adhesions can be congenital, but can also occur after surgery or as a result of endometriosis. Malignant growths such as uterine or cervical cancer very rarely cause excessive menstrual bleeding.
Other medical problems such as hormone disorders, blood clotting disorders, heart, kidney, thyroid or liver diseases can also trigger increased menstrual bleeding.

If you have the feeling that your bleeding is disproportionately heavy, long or painful - go to the gyn and have it clarified. Maybe you're just one of those people who bleed profusely without any particular explanation.

2. Is period underwear suitable for heavy menstruators?

Did you know : In her entire lifetime, a woman has to change her pad or tampon around 14,000 times. The tampon almost fell out of our hands. We think that's quite a lot! But thanks to period underwear, we are making sure that this absurd number is much less.

Are you running again? There are people who are menstruating who cannot manage with 2-3 tampons a day.
Ok, ok, but can I even wear period panties if I'm bleeding very heavily? We forwarded the question directly to our heavybleeder community and asked whether period underwear can even work with very heavy bleeding...

If you have a heavy or medium-heavy period , you can rely on your period panty. However, you may need to change them more often than menstruators with lighter bleeding. To estimate it better: On average, a pair of period panties corresponds to the suction power of 40 milliliters.

Aaaaabut -

3. The Extra Strong

There's something you should know about...

The Period Panty Extra Strong is our most absorbent menstrual underwear and stays tight even on days with heavy menstrual bleeding. It is made of soft organic cotton. This way, it ensures a comfortable and pleasantly dry feeling even with heavy bleeding.

diaper feeling? Not with us! The absorbent layer in the period panty is sewn in so that you hardly feel it when wearing it. The soft organic cotton ensures maximum bum comfort and our different styles will make you feel sexy even during your period (when you feel like it). Bye bye grandma slipper!

Maximum protection and soft wearing comfort for light, medium and heavy bleeding: The Stay Dry Layer Technology in menstrual underwear developed by experts has 4 layers with optimal absorbency and remains breathable. Stays tight – without any animal wool.

4. Mix & Match your period products

Probably the simplest AND best solution is to simply combine period products with each other ! In order to create a double bottom, it makes sense to use 2 products at the same time! Better safe than sorry! We also asked our community and your insider tip is Period Panty + Cup or tampons on particularly heavy days. We think it's great!

Because period underwear is the hottest shit. Most period panties hold about as much liquid as 2-3 tampons, but if you also use a Super Plus tampon or a sustainable menstrual cup, you are armed with all means. Then you don't have to worry about leaking or that it smells unpleasant, because the panty is made especially for that!

So: Period underwear has absolutely earned its place in the field of sustainable menstrual products!! Because it replaces a large number of disposable products! Also for heavy menstruators.

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