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Swim on your period – how to feel comfortable

Swimming with your period? Actually, it's not a problem! In reality, it's different: Swimming with your period is a challenge for many menstruating women. Find out how you can go swimming in a more relaxed way here.
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Studies show that 67% of menstruating persons avoid swimming, outdoor pools and the beach when they have their period. Even more serious: 76% of menstruating persons under 18-year have to stay away from swimming lessons because they don't use tampons. In this article, we clarify common concerns about swimming with your period and show you how you can go swimming during your period in a relaxed manner with a few tips and tricks, whether in the pool, at the sea or at the lake.



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Follow a few hygiene tips, such as changing your tampon more often to avoid infections


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Table of contents

1. Why swimming during your period is a problem for many people

First of all: From a purely physiological point of view, there is nothing wrong with going swimming during your period. But we are aware that various concerns arise, for example that the tampon string will stick out or that a blood stain will suddenly appear on your bikini. Another fear is, for example, the lack of the possibility of using a proper toilet, for example at the lake or beach. We take these fears seriously and want to support and empower you as best as possible to go swimming even when you are on your period .

2. Do you really bleed less in water?

This myth is true! If you paid attention in physics, you know that “buoyancy” creates an upward force that is exerted on objects submerged in liquid (in this case, you).

“The pressure of the water can prevent the blood from actually flowing out of the vagina unless you cough or sneeze.”

Gynecologist Dr. Elena Leinweber

If you don't completely trust physics and still want to play it safe, you can of course use a variety of period products while swimming.

3. Swimming with tampons

On heavy days of your period, for example, you can use our organic tampons help prevent leakage. It is true that tampons can absorb water when swimming. This is completely normal and does not pose a health risk in principle. However, it is important that you remember to change your tampons more often when you are in the water, it is best to change it after you come out of the water. 

If you are wondering why it is necessary to change your tampon more often, we have the answer for you: Tampons that have already absorbed liquid in the water are less able to absorb additional liquid - i.e. menstrual blood. Secondly, there can be germs in the water, for example in the sea or lake, but also in a public swimming pool. In such cases, it is important that a tampon that has possibly absorbed contaminated water is not worn for too long.

You will also be well prepared if you take a bag for period waste with you in case you find yourself at a lake where there are no public toilets.

4. Why swimming with a pad is not recommended

Those who like to use pads will now receive some less than pleasant news. It is generally not recommended to use sanitary pads when swimming, as they absorb water very quickly and are then hardly able to absorb any more fluids, such as menstrual blood.

Another problem is the adhesive used to attach the pads to your swimsuit or bikini . This can lose its adhesive power in the water, which can lead to the pad coming loose and getting lost.

This is annoying for anyone who doesn't like using tampons and menstrual cups. The good news is that we have a solution...

SWIM Panty The Female Company

5. Swimming with a menstrual cup

In contrast, menstrual cups do not absorb water when swimming. The chances of water getting past the cup and into the inside are very low. When used correctly, menstrual cups are hygienic and convenient as they do not have visible strings, as tampons might have. This makes them very suitable for swimming when you have your period.

6. Attention, we have the solution!

But what if we told you that there will soon be an ultimate solution to many of the problems that arise when swimming with your period? Curious? We at The Female Company have spent over a year putting our heads together and developing something very special that will make your days at the beach, lake or pool easier. Click here and sign up to be the first to find out what it's all about!

7. Conclusion: Beach, please!

At The Female Company, we believe that we should all have the freedom to go swimming whenever we want, regardless of what phase of our cycle we are in. Our products are designed to give you more confidence and independence so you can enjoy your sporting activities without restrictions.

Swimming with your period doesn't have to be complicated. With the right products and preparation, you can enjoy your time on and in the water without worry. We invite you to discover The Female Company's menstrual products and experience the freedom of swimming despite your period.

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