Perioden Bikini von The Female Company

Beach, please: Period bikini from The Female Company

You've got 99 problems, but a beach ain't one! With this period bikini you're safe! Developed with MEDIUM absorbency, so you don't have to miss out on a day at the beach or swimming pool even if your period is moderate.

Summer, sun, beach and sea? For many, this is a real challenge during their period. Studies show that 67% of menstruating women avoid swimming, outdoor pools and the beach when they have their period. Even more serious: 76% of under-18s have to stay away from swimming lessons because they don't use tampons. Time for a change! After more than a year of development, we proudly present: the first period bikini that really works! *


Our period bikini really works!*

Special technologies ensure that no water gets in and no blood gets out.

Mix & Match: Get the matching period bikini top and beach panties.

Now new: The period bikini for swimming.

The Female Company Period Bikini

Table of contents

1. Why a period bikini?

The Female Company period underwear in water

Many of you feel like you can't take part in water sports and other leisure activities while on your period. Our motivation was to develop period underwear that can be worn while swimming to break down these barriers and enable us all to enjoy summer splashing fun - regardless of the menstrual cycle.

2. The technology of the period bikini

Of course, we wanted to make sure that nothing went wrong in the water either. That's why we spent a year racking our brains to develop a pair of panties that, thanks to a combination of different techniques, are also highly absorbent in the water:

Panty-in-panty system

Our unique dual panty solution consists of an inner panty with an absorbent pad, surrounded by an outer panty with a water-repellent coating. This system in the period bikini ensures that no water penetrates and no blood escapes.

WaterStop Silicone

Special silicone strips are attached to all ends of the material to prevent slipping and also prevent water from entering and blood from leaking out.

Strong as punch

Our period bikini offers reliable protection. 58 out of 64 testers confirm: The panty can be worn while swimming during light periods.

Mix & Match

Get your new favorite bikini top to match the period swim panty. To make your beach day perfect, we have also developed period beach panty that you can put on after swimming. This reduces the risk of germs from the water getting into your vulva or of a bladder infection developing.

Reusable & quick-drying

After swimming, your period bikini can simply be washed out and hung up to dry. After use, you can put it in the washing machine. Our period swimwear is therefore not only easy to clean, but also quick-drying and reusable.

3. Info: Your period flows less in water

Anyone who paid attention in physics knows that “buoyancy” creates an upward force that is exerted on objects submerged in liquid (you 😉). “The pressure of the water can prevent the blood from actually flowing out of the vagina – unless you are coughing or sneezing.” Gynecologist Dr. Elena Leinweber

To sum up: It's pool o' clock

The new period bikini for swimming from The Female Company is more than just swimwear. It allows you to enjoy the summer without restrictions. Get wet, stay dry: discover how carefree swimming during your period can be.

*58 of 64 testers confirm: The panty can be worn while swimming during light periods.

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