Deep talk: Wie tief ist die Vagina?

Deep talk: How deep is the vagina?

How deep am I? And am I even "tight enough"? Is my vagina the "right" shape and size? Read everything you always wanted to know about your gender here..

This is one of the things everyone with a vagina should know.
We have already clarified what a vagina tastes like and what it actually smells like down there. But now we finally want to put some vaginal facts on the table!

Length, depth, diameter ... so if you've ever wondered how HIS good piece actually fits DOWN there, we'll provide you with the answer(s)! Because: the vagina is anything but a standard size.


Did you know that the length of the vagina can vary between 6 and 13 centimeters?

What you absolutely shouldn't think about is the common fear of being "too far" down.

If you have the feeling that something is "not right" with your vagina, go to the gyn!

Table of contents

1. Are there standard dimensions for the vagina?

No, there are no standard dimensions for the vagina, as it can be very individual and shaped in different ways . The size and shape of the vagina can vary depending on age, height, hormone levels and the course of childbirth.

There is also no "right" size or shape of vagina - every vagina is normal and unique. It is important to understand that your body image and body acceptance is highly dependent on your personal perception of your body.

When it comes to your vagina, it can help if you look at it for yourself and become familiar with its shape and size. This can help you accept your vagina as a normal and beautiful part of your body and feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Of course, you should make sure that you are in a private environment and that you take enough time to feel comfortable and safe .

2. Vagina bigger than expected?

And how .

Sexual arousal causes the vagina, labia, and clitoris to swell. Not only does the blood flow increase here, this biological mechanism is almost identical to a man's erection . The inner labia and the clitoris can be up to three times larger than when not aroused. Good to know.

Speaking of the non-excited state ! Here , on average, a vagina is six to five inches deep . That looks tooootally different during sex. It is completely normal for your mumu to expand in this intimate situation and grow up to twice as big .
This is due to the so-called vaginal tension. Sexual arousal activates the muscle tension that pulls the uterus up. And there! In your vagina there is more space in the longitudinal direction.

3. Am I "too far"?

What you absolutely shouldn't think about is the common fear of being "too far" down. It's much more important that you're sufficiently aroused before having sex. Only then will your mumu have sufficient blood flow, become narrower at the vaginal entrance and enclose your partner's penis. The vagina is a flexible organ that adjusts to your partner's size during sex. Also, the size of the vagina is not related to sexual desire or sensitivity. Every woman's body is unique and every vagina is normal and beautiful.

If you are still unsure whether everything is “normal” down there with you, then simply ask your doctor, your best friend or us directly!

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