Wochenfluss nach Kaiserschnitt: Tabuthema? Nicht bei uns!

Weekly flow after cesarean section: taboo topic? Not with us!

Have you had a cesarean section, are you about to have one or are you simply wondering - What about my weekly flow after I had a cesarean section? Is he coming anyway? And if so, how much and for how long? Read everything here.
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Having a baby is probably one of the most beautiful things life has to offer. But let's be honest, as great, fantastic and overwhelming as it is, there are one or two things that aren't quite as wow. The weekly flow, for example. And somehow this is a topic that no one really wants to talk about. Especially not about the weekly flow after cesarean sections. It's just as much a part of becoming a mom as smelly diapers, burps and overwhelming feelings of happiness. So, let's talk about it.


Weekly discharge is the discharge that you lose in the weeks after giving birth.

This wound healing is often associated with after-pains and bleeding and removes everything from tissue residues to bacteria that no longer has any place down there.

The weekly flow in people who have had a cesarean section is usually slightly weaker and shorter .

Table of contents

1. Weekly flow after cesarean section

The strength and duration varies from woman to woman. However, the weekly flow after a cesarean section is generally rather weak and shorter .

Background: During a cesarean section, the placenta and surrounding tissue are removed directly, so the body no longer has to excrete it itself.

After a cesarean section, the same recommendations regarding weekly flow and the use of tampons generally apply. It is important to know that the weekly flow can be weaker and possibly shorter after a cesarean section. We think moms should have it as easy as possible after giving birth. How? With the MammaBox – for a stress-free after-party. Get it here now!

So it may well be that the weekly period after a cesarean section lasts shorter than the six weeks mentioned above. But if it stops after two or even a week, you shouldn't be happy right away, but rather consult your doctor or midwife briefly to rule out a weekly blockage of the flow (the same, by the way, if you suddenly get a fever or severe pain).

2. Heavy bleeding after weekly flow?

It can happen that the flow of the week is already over and things are going well again for you shortly afterwards - and unfortunately we mean that quite literally. Heavy bleeding after a postpartum flow is not that unusual . This is probably just your period returning, possibly much heavier than you were used to (it was a while ago).

Your hormonal balance has changed during pregnancy and this can mean that your periods as a mother suddenly become much heavier (or lighter).

Important to know: You can use our organic tampons again from about the sixth week after the birth.

3. Tampon & weekly flow after cesarean section

Speaking of tampons: weekly flow and cotton ball sounds kind of good (well ok maybe medium), but you should avoid the combo. The uterus is still extremely sensitive - even if you had a cesarean section - and can do without external visitors, even if they are made of the best organic cotton like ours. That's why it's better to use organic sanitary pads first. If the weekly flow is over and your period is back, you can reach into our tampon box as usual.

If your bleeding is different after the birth than before, you can easily switch your subscription mix from normal to super or mini to normal - or simply mix all the sizes, whichever is best for you.

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